#100MappyDays was born out of need to introduce a means of challenge and adventure, into a lifestyle that is temporarily restricted by family commitments.

In 2014 I undertook the #100HappyDays challenge. This focused my daily thoughts to consider what had made me happy in that day, regardless of how awful the day had panned out! I found this to be hugely beneficial, so realising that I work well to a structure, I decided to make up my own new challenge based on this principle.

The biggest difference this time would be that #100MappyDays would NOT have to follow the theme of one hundred consecutive days – PHEW!! One hundred days of using a map or map app, within a 365-day period seemed fair (and still a challenge, as that works out to be approximately two walks per week, using a map).

Sometimes I enjoy using the OS app. Sometimes I prefer to get one of the many paper maps off the bookshelf to browse for inspiration. Either way, the point of the challenge is to avoid walking a whole path more than once. It enables me to explore my local area to a finer detail and encourages me to step out further afield, always on the look out for new footpaths!

If a challenge of epic proportions is not for you, due to time, financial, work or family commitments then why not consider a smaller challenge that requires you to commit to a regular ‘chunk’ of time. The beauty of this is, you choose HOW much time you have and therefore how far you want to walk/cycle. It’s your challenge. YOU make the rules!