#100ScaryDays follows on from the #100MappyDays challenge and aims to put me out of my comfort zone by doing something that I am fearful of or uncomfortable participating in, EVERY day for one hundred days. The difference with this challenge is that the one hundred challenge days are consecutive and not over a 365-day period, as was the case with #100MappyDays.

The beginning of #100ScaryDays

The idea behind this new ‘adventure’, which launched on 31st October 2019, stems from many years of watching students shy away from having a go, taking part or trying something new. So many would not even put their hand up to answer a question in class, for fear of being wrong. As I looked more closely at their plight, I began to realise that I was perhaps clutching at a similar mindset, despite putting myself into long distance or solo walking/camping situations each year that often require me to ‘do scary things’. I would find myself avoiding doing jobs at home, picking up the phone to call someone or having a go at a new activity or tricky aspect of a current hobby.

In order to understand fear and why we procrastinate, avoid or flatly refuse to participate in something that causes us the collywobbles, I decided the only thing to do would be to put myself into these situations and deliberately push myself to achieve.

Check back with the blog regularly (or subscribe to receive emails when new blogs have been published) to read updates on how I am faring on these Scary Days! So far, a few of the many scenarios I have encountered include: standing up for myself, dealing with some difficult teenagers as a supply teacher, ‘cleaning up’ a pheasant ready for the cooking pot, filleting a whole trout and achieving the Crow pose in yoga. I am most active on Instagram stories where you will find regular images, video and commentary to inform all of my most recent successes. Over the course of the one hundred days there will be many achievements large and small. I am keeping a daily journal to ensure everything is recorded and shared later, regardless of internet access.

My mantra? “Do something that scares you every day”. Believe me, it works – and my confidence, resilience and positivity is increasing on a daily basis! If you would love to have a go at this challenge too, you don’t need to register anywhere but I would be super chuffed to see what you are up to. Just use the hashtag #100ScaryDays on Instagram or FB and I should see it!

Remember, scary is good and will always lead to a more fulfilling experience, a great story and an inner strength you may have never realised you possessed.