HeadRightOut is my central hub in which to focus and document a personal journey of just that… heading right out.  Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, both into the outdoors and out of a comfort zone is something we can all benefit from but are very often too scared to try.  Finally, I get to do this myself… and I hope you’ll come along too.

Cartoon Leap
HeadRightOut Hattie Taking a Leap of Faith

WAIT! It doesn’t stop there.

It is also about using regular challenges to help YOU too, by inspiring you to guide your head into the right and healthy space it should be.  It is about pushing ourselves into the outdoors on a daily basis to get that vital dose of ‘outdoor medicine’ and it is about doing something that scares you every day. 

That sounds extreme but it’s not all about bungee jumps and ocean rows (though they can’t be ruled out)!  Sometimes, doing scary stuff can be on a micro level – often as simple as being able to get out of bed in the morning, get out of the front door or, as in the words of the highly acclaimed Antarctic scientist, polar explorer and Guinness World Record Holder Felicity Aston, just “getting out of the tent”.

Following a complete change in life direction, Zoe will be sharing her experiences:

  • Achievable day walk challenges
  • Long-distance hiking
  • Minimising
  • Trying out new activities
  • Facing fears
  • Relocating
  • Daily challenges
  • Adventure challenges

This is only the beginning of the project and there is still much to do with the website and beyond.  Perhaps you’ll stick around to see how HeadRightOut evolves!

Zoe Langley-Wathen standing at the top of a path called the gully.  It is muddy and fenced on one side with a steep bank and dry stone walling on the other.  Zoe wears a stripey woollen hat, a blue scarf, blue and black jacket and a big smile.
Zoe Langley-Wathen

Before leaving the security of her career as an experienced and well-established teacher, Zoe Langley-Wathen had already begun researching how to encourage others to build their resilience by facing their fears, particularly women and girls.  This has become very much a part of strengthening her own practice and a new mission to build confidence by resisting the whispers of the doubting, negative self-talk and that ever common fear of failure.

Celebrating all our micro AND major achievements is the emphasis of HeadRightOut.

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