Sharing my experiences of long-distance hiking, the highs, the lows, and why I walk is both rewarding and exhilarating for me.  I have been described as having a ‘storytelling quality’ to my approach and have experience of speaking in front of a multitude of small and large audiences and of differing age ranges.  Following the presentation which can be as short as ten minutes, many questions are often raised, such as: “what do you eat?”, “how do you decide what to carry for six weeks away?”, “where do you sleep?”, “why do you go alone?”, “have you ever been scared?”  Time is allocated for dialogue around these topics following every event.

Humorous anecdotes of personal encounters are woven into messages of resilience, self-belief and a have-a-go attitude, which will leave listeners returning home with a feeling of ‘perhaps I can’, instead of ‘I never could’.

Customising my delivery to the age group of the audience, whether online or face-to-face is a speciality and I would be happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Speaking and Appearances:

  • December 12th – Y12 online lecture – Parkstone Grammar School
  • November 11th – Trail Dames Podcast Episode 77 / Part 2 with Anna Huthmaker – ‘Wales Coast Path and more reasons to say YES!’
  • October 27th – Trail Dames Podcast Episode 75 / Part 1 with Anna Huthmaker – ‘Say Yes!’
  • October 20th – Trail Dames Story Podcast Episode 74 with Anna Huthmaker – ‘Watch Out for the Bowling Balls!’
  • August 4th – Cicerone Live – online event with Hannah Stevenson and Amy Hodkin – ‘The Biggest Book of Yes and Solo Long-Distance Trekking’
  • July 28th – YesStories Online – The Biggest Book of Yes Special
  • July 27th – Woman magazine feature (solo walking)
  • July 8th – She’s Totally Awesome podcast with Mary Black – ‘Adventure Seeking’
  • June 5th – Innate Wellness Chiropractic Ltd: interviewed for the Achiever on the Make series on YouTube (watch clip here or click on the image)
Female speaking on a split-screen to a male interviewer
Zoe ‘zooms’ with Filippo Gernetti from Innate Wellness Chiropractics Ltd for the Achievers on the Make series. She talks about building resilience, facing fear, and looking forwards.



  • May 5th – Live Laugh Love Ladies Club speaking via Zoom
  • February 10th – YesStories evening of adventure tales, The Pheasant Inn, Salisbury
  • January – Woman&Home feature (solo walking)

You can listen here:

  • March 24th – video podcast, Successful Women in Business (as a 2018 winner)
    YouTube screenshot of a woman conducting a video podcast
    Video podcast interview with Gill Donnell, founder of Successful Women in Business and the SWIB Tribe

You can listen here: