Explore, Challenge and Observe: The Three Pillars of HeadRightOut – Solopisode – 012: Zoe Langley-Wathen

In this Solopisode, Zoe shares in more detail about the three pillars of HeadRightOut, EXPLORE, CHALLENGE, and OBSERVE. She talks about what they mean for her, for the podcast, and HeadRightOut as a business, and ultimately, what they mean for YOU. They have, after all been written with you in mind. Zoe knows she’s not alone in the way her brain operates and that there are billions of people, women in particular, who share the same fears, and the same pain points as her. Zoe believes these pillars will speak to you, as they have spoken to her, and she’s so excited to share them with you.


Why not take some time to EXPLORE what opportunities are open to you in your life? How you can make the CHALLENGES work for you with a little planning and belief in yourself. And with a daily or weekly journal, you could OBSERVE the impact it has on your routine, and open up further doors for you to adapt and grow. ECO: EXPLORE, CHALLENGE and OBSERVE.


Enjoy making magical inroads into your best life, making time and space to feel uncomfortable. Take risks and challenge yourself to HeadRightOut using Zoe’s EXPLORE, CHALLENGE and OBSERVE method. Make it part of your own ECO-system, and before you know it, it’ll become habit.


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