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How many times have you wanted to try something new, but that mean little voice in your head has held you back? How often do you really step out of your comfort zone? Come on, be honest. Have you even explored what this feels like or is it simply too terrifying for words? I know I’ve been there.

HeadRightOut is a new podcast looking at exactly this topic. You can expect conversations with resilient women who have stepped, jumped or dived headfirst out of their comfort zone. We’ll be sharing HeadRightOut Moments, and you can follow me on my own journey to test and sustain a life to HeadRightOut.

My name is Zoe Langley-Wathen. And at the age of 40, I did just that I headed out of my comfort zone on a solo long-distance walk that I’d avoided for fifteen years because I thought I couldn’t do it. But that challenge stretched my capability boundaries beyond belief. And beware the cliche, it changed my life, forever.

Ten years later, I have walked countless trails, long-distance and otherwise, left my job. I’m writing a book about the South West Coast Path. And I’ve moved from an established home in 2020 to go and live on a narrowboat. Plus, I’m setting up this podcast.

I am SO excited to be able to share my HeadRightOut story with you, and the conversations that will take place with many awesome, resilient women. And whether you’re male, female, or non-binary, I want you to know that neither age or gender should ever decide what you can or can’t do.

So here it is. This is your invitation to join me for the HeadRightOut Podcast, launching at the end of the summer 2021, it will be available on all the major platforms. If you hop over to headrightout.com you can subscribe to be the first to hear when episodes land, and when I’ll be publishing my new book.

Okay, I’ll look forward to seeing you there. And in the meantime, please, please share your own HeadRightOut moments with me. You’ll find me on socials as, wait for it, ‘HeadRightOut’ on all platforms. Of course, what else would it be?

I am Zoe Langley-Wathen. And this IS a HeadRightOut Moment, encouraging you to head out of your comfort zone into the outdoors, keeping your head right and healthy. See you there!


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  1. Ursula Fleming
    November 21, 2021 / 8:42 pm

    Hi Zoe
    Thanks for making contact however I don’t really think my achievements match many others that you mention. I am at the very start of my journey and the beginning is slow going. While I hope it will gather pace I don’t really think I am what you are looking for. But thanks again – as they say every little helps and your contact as added another little piece of confidence and self belief

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