How often do you tell yourself you’re going to ‘get out for that walk today’ but then find that life becomes too hectic? Do you convince yourself you have too much to do to spend half an hour or an hour outside? Do you find other ‘stuff’ takes priority? Do you then emotionally persecute yourself for for not pushing yourself to go out as you had promised yourself? I totally understand, because this is ME too!

Having been inspired by Sarah Williams, host of the Tough Girl Podcast and founder of Tough Girl Challenges, with her permission, I decided to redevelop her #marchdailymile challenge where runners from all over the globe took part in a challenge to run for a mile every day for a month. The challenge was spiced up with some little focus tasks and helped give the activity direction, impetus and enthusiasm to finish. Without that motivation to complete, it’s going to fall flat at the first hurdle.

Here it is then – a downloadable bingo sheet for you to shade or colour in each time you complete a day of walking. To be honest, you can start at any time – it doesn’t have to be in June. You don’t even have to walk the challenge. If you’d rather run it, then do it. Use the prompts in whatever way helps you to get outside and stay focused! There’s even a blank sheet included, in case you’d prefer to get creative and make your own thirty-day plan.

I’d love to hear how you get on… please share your daily pics on the HeadRightOut Facebook page, or tag @headrightout on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #headrightout and #junedailyjaunt too so I can find your posts easily!

Good luck getting outside (whatever the weather, right?!) Let’s get exercising, have fun, stay focused, and get HeadRightOut Happy

Here’s the link again – click HERE for the downloadable bingo sheet.