“I got to hear Zoe speak at WAEXPO and she is the most incredible storyteller. I was there every step of the way while she was sharing more about her passions and the challenges she has faced and overcome. She was engaging, down to earth, relatable but also inspiring. So much so, I knew I had to get Zoe on the Tough Girl Podcast so that more people could hear her story! A beautiful soul, with a passion for getting more people outdoors and active. Thank you Zoe.”

Sarah Williams
– Founder of Tough Girl Challenges and the award winning Tough Girl Podcast
Motivating and inspiring women and girls and increasing the amount of female role models in the media.

“Zoe was such an inspirational speaker. I remember her explaining how she rationalised her fear regarding new challenges. Zoe’s talk inspired me to sign up, train for and complete the Bournemouth Pier to Pier (1.4 mile open water swim) which I now think is my greatest achievement. Without Zoe’s motivation I would never have overcome the endless ‘what if’ questions. Her passion and message instilled a confidence and belief in myself that I didn’t realise I had, allowing me to challenge myself and achieve more than I thought was possible.”

Lindsay Curry
– Teacher of Physical Education, Parkstone Grammar School

Zoe came to our Tangent club to give us a most enjoyable talk about her walking expeditions. What made it especially interesting is the way the talk was set out. It was not in chronological order but in topics such as sleeping arrangements, encounters, equipment etc. Long after Zoe’s talk, members were still saying how they had enjoyed it.

Sabine Fairhall-Gaillard
– Speakers’ Secretary (2017 – 2018), Tangent Ladies Club, Bournemouth

“An unwavering positivity and unshakeable spirit for a challenge, Wath’s optimism is utterly contagious. Her fun, comedic anecdotes are bound to inspire and spur a smile. Speaking on her experiences, you are spirited away on an adventure right alongside her and left itching to do exactly what she’s put on the tin – to head right out!”

Hannah Sharland
– a Parkstone Grammar School alumnus


“Zoe’s interview on the Tough Girl podcast made me realise I should give the path a go! She made it sound so amazing but also achievable. ️ I’m loving it all so far, every day is a bit different and I’ve seen so many spectacular places. I really mean it about the podcast, I think my thought process was a little similar to Zoe’s; I knew about the path and thought it sounded like a cool thing to do, but until I listened to her talk about it, I didn’t really think it was something I would be able to do! Zoe made it sound very doable, and when I found out my job contract wouldn’t be renewed I thought it was an excellent opportunity for some thinking time!”

Dr Julia Tratt
– Plant biologist, blogger and Tough Girl Podcast listener