The world needs an Adventure Revolution: and midlife women to organise it! – 011: Belinda Kirk

Zoe chats with Belinda Kirk, who has over 26 years of experience in leading expeditions. She has witnessed the positive impact of undertaking outdoor challenges on mental health and wellbeing and believes that now, more than ever, adventure should be the go-to for ALL age-groups. She shares the foundations of her ground-breaking book, Adventure Revolution and the importance of having a mindset that includes comfort zone stretching in order to grow in confidence, developing long-lasting self-efficacy, self-esteem and resilience.

  • Welcome back to Season Two
  • Thank you for returning if you have listened before. About Zoe and about HeadRightOut. [00:37]
  • Belinda Kirk introduction. [02:04]
  • What is the difference between being outside and ‘adventure’? ‘Nature Effect’ vs ‘Adventure Effect’. [04:09]
  • Choosing not just challenge, but uncertainty and adversity. Choosing to be uncomfortable and the benefits. Finding out what we’re capable of and building resilience. [06:14]
  • Belinda’s personal take on the research around the impact of adventure on women in particular. [08:17]
  • The importance of taking adventures at key turning points in our lives – not just as a teenager. [10:54]
  • The ‘invisibility’ of midlife women and how they are the backbone of Britain. [14:06]
  • Adventure Revolution – the book. Praise from Zoe and where it started. [15:50]
  • How adventure is powerful for well-being and positive psychology. [16:47]
  • Writing the book during lockdown. [19:25]
  • How the book has been received. Feedback at Kendal Mountain Festival. [20:51]
  • Does the Adventure Effect need maintaining? How? [22:14]
  • What Zoe calls ‘Microbravery’. [23:53]
  • What’s in Belinda’s resilience toolkit? [26:26]
  • Using the word ‘failure’ – a correction to reframe the definition and use it more positively. [29:03]
  • If adversity and risk is good for us, how do we effect change? [31:47]
  • Belinda’s HeadRightOut Moment [37:01]
  • About the Adventure Mind Conference. [38:55]
  • Where to find Belinda. [40:41]
  • Zoe’s reflection on her conversation with Belinda. [42:01]
  • Karen Wood’s HeadRightOut Moment. [44:23]
  • Next episodes coming up. Solopisode, Abhejali Bernardova, Siobhan Daniels and Jo Bradshaw. [50:38]
  • Update on the Out-Out episodes. [52:16]
  • Request to follow, rate and review the podcast. Request for listener’s HeadRightOut Moments. [53:29]

Belinda’s Links:



Click to book for the Adventure Mind Conference and find out more information (26th – 27th March 2022).

To read my write-up of the 2020 Adventure Mind event, click here.


Karen Wood – a ‘Cold Water Bobbing’ HeadRightOut Moment in the sea at Sidmouth.

Follow Karen on Instagram here.


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