Van Life, Challenging Ageist Attitudes & Pro-ageing; Retire Adventurously & Positively – 014: Siobhan Daniels

The words HeadRightOut Podcast flank the left-hand side of an Instamatic style frame. A woman, Siobhan, in her early sixties, faces the camera with a broad smile, dark hair swept up from her face but draped over her shoulders. She is wearing a pale pink and navy blue chequered shirt.

Siobhan Daniels inspires young and old alike. As a woman who has endured a variety of pains life had to throw at her, she is now not only living her best life into retirement, she’s on a mission to encourage others to do that too, and to promote the enjoyment of growing older. Siobhan retired from the BBC, two years ago, after a thirty-year career working as a reporter, presenter, and producer in local news. Her life’s rollercoaster involved being a single mum, taking a gap year from work to backpack solo around the world, suffering burn-out, ageism, and workplace bullying, all whilst dealing with grief, and multiple symptoms associated with peri-menopause. Knowing how much she had learned and grown from her back-packing adventure at forty-nine, after years of planning, Siobhan retired to travel the UK in her motorhome, championing and campaigning for companies, products and the public to see the good in ageing. In her words, ‘you are never too old for an adventure’.


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  1. Fiona Pearce
    February 6, 2022 / 8:51 pm

    I absolutely loved the episode – thanks Siobhan and Zoe for such an uplifting and inspiring story! I feel reassured by the idea that you don’t need to know everything about something before you start doing it, you can just start and learn along the way. And that’s OK that living the dream is a bit shit sometimes! But worth it 🙂 I feel inspired!

    • HeadRightOut
      February 13, 2022 / 11:43 pm

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us both feedback, Fiona. I’m delighted that you’ve been inspired. I enjoyed chatting with Siobhan and find her regular posts on social media to be thoroughly motivating. I’d love to hear what personal adventure or dream you end up Heading Right Out into!

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