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Hi I'm Zoe, although some people know me as Wath.

I am a speaker, adventure-seeker, blogger, educator, artist, poet, author (see book cover above!) and above all, I like to get outside at every opportunity. Adventures rule, large or small! I'm a keen long-distance walker but I realise this isn't everybody's bag (whether that's through a lack of time or interest!)

With the help of social media and public speaking I am passionate about encouraging more people to step outside of their comfort zone... it'll sort out your body AND your head! I'm a newbie to blogging, so please bear with me while I build up the content.

I'd be delighted if you'd stick around, both to watch my journey develop and to see HeadRightOut evolve.

Come and say hi on any of the social media links - I am most active on Instagram or Facebook. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button too, so I can send you the odd newsy bit now and again and you'll be kept bang up-to-date with blogs as they are published!

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HeadRightOut is here to encourage YOU to head outside or simply head out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you, every single day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

HeadRightOut is about using the journey of these activities to put your head into the right space – a healthy and positive mindset that works for you and benefits your wellbeing.

It is:

~ about trying new activities

~ getting into the great outdoors

~ stepping out of your comfortable place and testing your fears

~ bravery on a micro-level or a large-scale challenge

~ facing our fears on a daily basis

~ confidence building

~ encouraging resilience

~ taking a daily dose of outdoor medicine

~ a super opportunity for any age, gender, fitness level, size or ability


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